What are casino streams

Stream is a live broadcast of the gameplay on slots. For gamblers, this is communication, discussion of combinations and rates. For beginners – getting useful information, the opportunity to ask questions to the presenter. Such streams have found their audience, as the atmosphere of excitement and big money attract attention. Attracting new players to all kinds of gambling is a very profitable business. The online casino shares the profit with the webmaster who collects traffic. Affiliate programs from the casino – affiliate program – additional income for the webmaster. He brings new players, receiving a certain percentage of the rake (lost money) for this. The player is assigned to the webmaster forever, and when he spends money, he makes a profit.

Online casino streams

On the broadcast you will learn a lot of useful information about slots, what kind of winnings this machine can give. The streamer talks about online casinos, bonuses, benefits. Additionally you will see: 1. Casino advertisement. A bright picture, tempting lot bonuses attract people. As a rule, the description almost always contains a link to the advertised casino. 2. Donations – made voluntarily by those who view the video. Various online services provide technical support for sending and receiving donations. The most famous intermediary between members is King-Donate.com. 3. Support for multiple platforms for streaming, including the popular YouTube and Twitch. Each of them allows you to watch streams in a browser and offers applications for PCs and mobile devices. This is convenient for active users who rarely sit at home at the computer. Stream gives an understanding of the game process, gamblers build trusting relationships with the streamer. During the broadcast, the host shows his game, talks about the slots, their advantages, disadvantages, and features. Everyone who watches the stream can write questions in the chat, take part in the discussion with other viewers. Streams are watched by those who want to get acquainted with the process or a specific casino. There is another category of viewers who, through streams, want to be convinced of the return of the device before investing, and to be sure that the casino pays out the winnings.

Stream in casino: twitch

The popularity of online casinos is growing at an incredible rate. Almost everyone now has access to the network. Twitch is a social media platform, one of the most famous among streamers. Every day, players who have linked their account to Twitch gather to watch and discuss video games. This is an opportunity to observe and understand the principle of the game in real time, and for casino owners – an effective advertising channel. The main advantage of twitch is the formation of an opinion about the game in real time. Pros of Twitch:


Clear terms of cooperation.

casino youtube streams

The gaming section of YouTube with a solid technical base has become a serious competitor to twitch. Streaming casino broadcasts are beneficial. With the help of ethers, the site distributes advertising, and streamers, having completed partnership agreements, receive additional profit. Gamblers get all the information they need, and the casino gets new players. What is needed for this:


YouTube account;


microphone. It is a global platform with live video streaming of the game. During streams, new viewers come, ask questions and immediately receive information from the presenter. This option allows you to join the game without launching slots. The webmaster makes it possible to quickly understand the novelties and nuances of the game without spending money. All streams less than 12 hours in length are saved to YouTube for free.