Pay attention in poker

attention in pokerTexas Hold’em is a game where information is key and your mind should be 100% focused on the game. You have to get every drop of information from the other players in order to have an advantage over the others. That’s why you should always pay attention in poker, to everybody and to everything that is happening at the table. If you’re a seasoned player or even a beginner who has a firm grasp on best odds in a casino, outs and hand ranking you’ll find that the majority of poker hands you’ll be dealt require little to no thought at all. Because only 15% of the hands in poker are considered winner hands you’ll be folding 85% of the time and when you’ve been dealt a good hand you instinctively know how to raise. So why not pay attention in poker and make your mind focus on the other aspect of the game, gathering information from the other players about how they play, whether they easily get on tilt (being on tilt means that you’re angry and can’t focus properly, you can’t pay attention in poker and you end up losing) and their betting patterns. It’s easy to pay attention in poker, the crucial question is «What to pay attention for?» The easy and very vague answer is everything. You’ve read that right, everything in poker matters. Nobody can perfectly hide a good hand in poker, no matter how hard they try a subtle hint always escapes. Pay attention to the other players, how they talk, how they bet, make mental notes of patterns that your adversaries have and if they break said patterns there’s something amiss. Here’s an example of what you should pay attention to. You’ve noticed that some players wear sunglasses or hide their neck right? Here’s the reason why. Let’s say you’ve been dealt a hand and when the flop comes you immediately realize that you can win the pot. That’s when your pupils will dilate like you’ve been smoking 3 joints at once and it’s not so hard for other players to see this. So how do you hide it? Sunglasses. Also,good hand in poker when you bluff, and it’s a big amount of cash, you’ll always be on edge and endlessly hoping that the other players fold, your heartbeat rises like crazy and a certain vein in your neck will pulsate like a spastic dubstep song. Again, how do you hide this hint? Cover your neck with a scarf or a turtleneck shirt or any means necessary. Heck, you can even wear a ski mask to the game and nobody will bat an eye. If you constantly pay attention in poker your decision making will require more time because of all the information you’ve gathered. Also, if you can figure out the certain ticks that other players make that give them away it will be easier for you to analyze yourself and hide them as best as you can, it works both ways. Remember, in Aussie casinos and others ( pay attention in poker, treat every little bite of information like the pieces of a puzzle and when the time comes to make a crucial decision you’ll know what to do.