Free Fun Slots

Here is a free slots bonuses site well worth checking out it is called Free Fun Slots and with over 100 slots available to play you will have hours of fun and entertainment.

Very easy to navigate all of the games require one simple click to launch them, as they are java powered, so you won’t be hanging around waiting for software to download or install.

Free Fun Slots Website

You can also join their players club and by doing so this enables you to play their slots for for but win real money, so if you know what’s good for you then get over to their website and take a look!

Below you will find more information on the type of games available on the Free Fun Slots website, and we are more than happy to recommend any of them to you.

The choice of games on the Free Fun Slots website includes classic three reel slot games plus they have the more advanced multi lined video slots. Below are the top ten slots available to play.

9 Holes Golf – A golf themed slot which will have you attempting to avoid the bunkers to win the cash!

Aliens Abduction – Keep your eyes peeled for the lights in the sky as they could be the Aliens on the look out for their next victim!

Auction Slots – Get bidding to win the big jackpot on this funky little slot.

Baby Time – The cute little baby is the key to the top prize on this hot slot.

Back to School – You either loved school or hated it but now you can relive it via this great slot game.

Back to the 50s – Do you remember the 50’s? Maybe you are not old enough but if you do then you will love playing this slot.

Back to the 70s – It was the decade of decadence and maybe a little ott clothing but there is no escaping the 70’s were a lot of fun!

Baseball – It is one of the most popular spectator sports and you can now play it, well sort of, on this action packed slot.

Black Jack – There is no need to sit down at the Blackjack table to get your fix of this brilliant card themed slot, give it a few spins today!